Punto is a recessed fixture suitable for indoor, outdoor or underwater installations.
Punto is perfect for pathways, public squares, hotels, private homes, pools, and fountains. Wherever you need to add a little sparkle of light.
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    • Specification


    • Input voltage
      24VDC Constant Voltage
    • Output power
    • Luminous flux output
      140 TO 180 lm/W
    • Rendering Index
    • Lens Degree options
      Transparent 99° or 90° opal diffuser
    • Material
      Satin Stainless Steel
    • Load Resistance
      Walk-over up to 500kg. (1,102 lbs)
    • Color options
      2700K, 3000K, 3300K, 3700k,5200k, Dimmable
    • Chromatic Selection
      3 step MacAdam
    • LEDs operating life
      > 50,000 hours
    • IP rating
      IP68 to 10M (32.8 ft)
    • Cable
      For pool applications 5M (16.4 ft)
    • Dimensions
      FACE 1.102" x 1.448"H-Base OD 0.728"
    • Recessing box
      2.36" x 0.94" or with draining 3.54" x 3.54"
    • Certifications
      cULus swimming pools
    • Feature
      Square or round face
    • Installation
      Wall or ground in recessing box
      Wet niche for pools
    • Weight
      75gm (2.64 oz.)



CAD files available upon request.

We are a wholesaler with a dealer network that distributes our LED's internationally to professional fountain designers and qualified trades.

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