Unmei LEDs is proud to offer our certified line of 316L Stainless Steel LED lights for use in submersible or dry installations. Our lights have the features most requested by our dealers and customers; tempered and flush mounted glass, silicone gaskets, custom length of cable and field replaceable PCBs and drivers. Our commitment to R&D allows us to continually upgrade our products as technology evolves, and to provide new and interesting additions. Recently we added a unique line of UL certified lights which are mostly suited to landscape applications including walk over and drive over installations in white and RGB.

In dealing with Unmei, you will find we provide exemplary customer support, products that meet most installation requirements, and strict factory QC. We believe this makes our UL listed lights the best choice for any project requiring a high-quality LED light.

Consider our lights for your next project. Amusement parks, hotels, city fountains, shopping malls, walkways  and driveways, swimming pools, animated and interactive fountains as well as architectural designs and landscape enhancement.

Unmei LED’s Offers Innovative, UL Certified Lighting Solutions

  • Modern Designs

    Modern cast SS designs 5W to 144W. Our complete line is fully submersible and our lights up to 54W can also be installed fully above ground.

  • Colored Lights for Landscape

    Offer your customers true DMX-512 programmable colored lights for walkways, golf courses, landscape designs and more including our new optional glare shields.

  • Basic Installation

    Our onboard driver allows connection directly to the transformer.

  • Custom possibilities

    Our engineers can provide drawings if needed for those demanding projects that may require some customization to fit existing site conditions or for a new application.

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  • innovative led UL Certified lighting solutions
  • innovative led UL Certified lighting solutions
  • innovative led UL Certified lighting solutions