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LED Lights for custom water features

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UL Certifed LEDs United States and Canada.

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Custom circuit boards.

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Stainless Steel LED Lighting

Unmei International, Inc. aka, Unmei LED's, has been developing and distributing high quality LED circuit boards and stainless-steel LED lighting for over 8 years. We initially displayed our products at IAAPA with PEM in Orlando FL 2010, 2011 and 2012.

The gradual transition from submersible halogen lights to low voltage lighting offered unlimited color possibilities by using LED technology. Since its inception, LED lighting has become the industry standard for commercial and residential lighting projects. One of the more creative uses of LED lighting in commercial projects today is in submersible lights designed for elaborate water features, landscaping and building accents.

Unmei LEDs and its partners are continually upgrading and perfecting submersible technology. We have added to our original line of LED lights, custom designs that meet the demanding requirements of many commercial fountain designers.

Our entire line of lights are UL listed including the niches. Most of our lights are certified for both submersible and dry installations and all have replaceable LEDs.

Who's Using Our Lighting.

Our technology is perfectly suited for these industries.

  • Hotels

  • Universities

  • Theme Parks

  • City Parks

  • Fountains and Waterfalls

  • Reflecting Pools

  • Splash Pads

  • Floating Fountains

Project Locations

We're Wholesale Only

We are a wholesaler with a dealer network that distributes our LED's internationally to professional fountain designers and qualified trades.

If you are interested in purchasing our LED's, please send an outline of your project requirements along with contact information for your company.

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LED Products for lighting Commercial/Residential Fountains,Waterparks,Swimming Pools and Splashpads

We Design, develop and manufacture LED Circuit Boards and 316L Stainless Steel Lighting, all UL certified for installation underwater in fountains, swimming pools and splash pads.

    316L SS UL Certified LED Lights

  • CAST 316L Stainless Steel for installation in salt water

  • Unique fixture design allows for excellent heat dissipation

  • Our lights are all tested for wet/dry installations allowing more flexibility in design location

  • We consider requests for custom LED lights

  • Committed to R&D for latest in LED technology

  • Learn more about our lights

    Custom Circuit Boards

  • Our entire line of lights has replaceable circuit boards which substantially reduces future maintenance costs.

  • Custom retrofits are possible in existing fixtures or niches

  • Exclusive custom designed circuit-boards for leading vendors

  • State-of-the-art PCB technology

  • Learn more about our Custom Designs